All 34 badges from all four regions

List of Gym LeadersEdit

Indigo LeagueEdit

  • Brock of Pewter City
  • Misty of Cerulean City
  • Lt. Surge of Vermilion City
  • Erika of Celadon City
  • Koga of Fushia City (Generations I and III)
  • Janine of Fushia City (Generations II and IV)
  • Sabrina of Saffron City
  • Blaine of Cinnabar Island (Generations I and III)
  • Blaine of the Seafoam Islands (Generations II and IV)
  • Giovanni of Viridian City (Generations I and III)
  • Blue of Viridian City (Generations II and IV)

Johto LeagueEdit

  • Falkner of Violet City
  • Bugsy of Azalea Town
  • Whitney of Goldenrod City
  • Morty of Ecruteak City
  • Chuck of Cianwood City
  • Jasmine of Olivine City
  • Pryce of Mahogany Town
  • Clair of Blackthorn City

Hoenn LeagueEdit

  • Roxanne of Rustboro City
  • Brawly of Dewford Town
  • Wattson of Mauville City
  • Flannery of Lavaridge Town
  • Norman of Petalburg City
  • Winona of Fortree City
  • Liza and Tate of Mossdeep City
  • Wallace of Sootopolis City (Ruby and Sapphire)
  • Juan of Sootopolis City (Emerald)

Sinnoh LeagueEdit

  • Roark of Oreburgh City
  • Gardenia of Eterna City
  • Maylene of Veilstone City
  • Crasher Wake of Pastoria City
  • Fantina of Hearthome City
  • Byron of Canalave City
  • Candice of Snowpoint City
  • Volkner of Sunyshore City